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  • Fact or Fib – Is Chocolate Good for You?

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    FIB (just)! Yes, it has caffeine and theobromine, which can have an effect on fatigue and concentration – but the levels in chocolate are so low that they won’t make any difference.



    FACT! The endorphins released from eating chocolate can increase feelings of optimism. This is probably why you can manage to talk yourself into eating the whole bar (and perhaps even another!) and believing it will have no effect on your diet!


    Included in the healing food pyramid

    FACT! Having found out it is in the healing food pyramid, you may want to skip this next line… Recommended serving size is 1 oz a day, and it should be dark chocolate.


    Causes acne

    FIB! Yay! The Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the U.S. Naval Academy have concluded that chocolate does not cause acne – heredity, stress and overall diet are to be blamed for the pesky skin condition.


    Can kill dogs

    FACT! More chocolate for you, less for Fido. The theobromine in chocolate can poison the pooch. Humans can metabolise the theobromine a lot easier than dogs (thank goodness) – you can eat about 22 lbs before it kills you! (Please don’t try this out at home!)


    Is addictive

    FIB! There is no physical addiction component to chocolate. It’s willpower, and if you don’t have willpower, then it’s just not your fault!


    Chocolate quite clearly is good for you – go forth and eat and enjoy!

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