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  • How To Make Yorkshire Puddings That Will Rise

    Yorkshire Puddings

    Seems strange to have this in a chocolate recipe book and website, but I have included my delicious Chocolate and Banana Toad in the Hole recipe, so if you want Yorkshires that rise like the gods they are, then please take note!


    Flour: I don’t go into much detail about flour in my recipes, but for bread and Yorkshires especially, the amount of protein that is in the flour is vital. So you need to use a ‘strong’ or ‘bread’ flour or a flour that has more than 10 grams of protein per 100 grams.


    Eggs: You will need plenty of eggs of make the Yorkshires rise. When I was in Hong Kong and I couldn’t get good quality flour, I increased the amount of eggs – that did the trick. I am now in Denver, Colorado, and the altitude affects the Yorkies so much more than being back in York – but eggs do the trick every time. So my recipe calls for 8 eggs – a lot of recipes will call for half that, but if you want Yorkies that won’t fail you when it comes to rising, then use plenty of eggs.


    Heat: For the batter to rise, the mixture needs instant heat, as this creates the steam that will allow them to puff up and rise.


    Crisp: You shouldn’t take them out of the oven until the outside of the Yorkies have started to crisp; otherwise, they will sink.


    Resting the batter: Making the batter 12 hours before will allow the flour to hydrate properly, and this will allow for light, airy pudding.

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