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  • Difference Between Frosting, Icing and Glazing


    Having lived in Europe, Australia and America, it is quite clear that the terms frosting, icing and even glaze are used in interchangeable ways within recipes. However, they actually ARE quite different, as seen below!




    Frosting is the thickest of the three. It has a cream or a butter base and generally will have a buttery taste. It was first invented in 1915 by Mrs. Fred W. Gurney.




    Icing is a lot thinner than frosting and is glossier. In general, it has a sugar or egg white base, but butter or cream can be added to it. Its taste is generally a lot more sugary than frosting. It was ‘invented’ in 1769 by Elizabeth Raffald.


    Sugar Glaze

    sugar glaze

    Sugar glaze is the thinnest and glossiest of these three. It is made from a sugar base and is often translucent.

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