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  • Decoration Ideas – Chocolate Curls

    Chocolate Curls

    Chocolate Curls



    1⁄2 cup chocolate



    1. Melt chocolate over a double boiler.

    2. Pour chocolate onto a clean worktop.

    3. Spread chocolate out into a thin, even layer and let set for 5 minutes.

    4. Using a wide, firm spatula, dig the edge of the spatula into and under the chocolate layer and push. This will ‘roll’ the chocolate along the spatula edge, creating a curl or a chocolate stick.

    5. Repeat with the rest of the chocolate. Store in an airtight container.



    Choose your flavourings. Taste your chocolate, and add more flavouring or reduce the flavouring by adding more chocolate as you wish. Below are some ideas – but get your creative juices flowing and create some fantastic flavours yourself.


    Mocha Curls

    Add about 10 coffee beans to the chocolate when melting. Remove after. (Place coffee beans in an airtight container – they also can be used as decoration.)


    Chilli Chocolate Curl

    Add a clean chilli to the chocolate when melting. Remove after. (Reserve chilli and slice into tiny slices to use as decoration.)


    Rum/Peppermint/Coconut Chocolate Curl

    Add 1 tsp of flavouring to the chocolate when melting.


    Cinnamon Curl

    Add 1 cinnamon stick to the chocolate when melting. Remove after.

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