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  • Super Simple, Super Fast Chocolate Dessert

    An extremely quick and easy dessert when you are short of time but still want to WOW!


    imageChocomint Cups


    200 g milk chocolate

    200 g cream

    150 g dark chocolate

    Mint essence

    6 tbsp mascarpone cheese

    Chocolate decoration



    1. Bring cream up to a gentle boil, take off heat and stir in broken up pieces of milk chocolate until all chocolate has melted. Pour equally amongst 6 cups and place in the fridge.

    2. Once the ganache in the cup has hardened, break up dark chocolate and melt 3/4 of it over a double burner until chocolate reaches 50C. Add a 1/4 tsp of mint essence. Take off heat and stir in the rest of the dark chocolate. Keep stirring until temperature reaches 30C. Spoon dark chocolate over ganache and place in refrigerator.

    3. When ready to serve, place a tbsp of mascarpone on each cup and decorate.


    This is such an easy and quick dessert to make – you can’t go wrong!


    For the chocolate decoration in this picture, I tempered some chocolate and poured it over some roasted chopped nuts, allowed it to set and then broke shards off for decoration.


    This recipe will work just as well without tempering the chocolate (bringing it up to heat and then bringing it back down), it just means that the chocolate won’t have a shiny finish – however, clever use of the mascarpone, some chopped nuts and maybe a mint leaf will cover any dull finishes.


    If you don’t like mint, change the essence to a flavour you do like. Just test the flavouring before you pour the flavoured chocolate over the ganache.

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