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  • Buy Chocolate NOW!

    imageNot only is there a potential shortage of chocolate on the cards, with a global shortage being predicted by 2020, but also, with the advent of Ebola, drought and some pesky little cocoa pod insect eaters, the price of cocoa beans is likely to go up by 25% next year.


    Now, folks, there is something you can do about this – but you have to be strong. Do not choose this path without careful thought, or you could make the situation worse. BUY MORE CHOCOLATE and then store it. (That is where being strong comes into play – store it, don’t eat it!)


    Obviously the price is still going to go up next year, and there will still be a global shortage in 2020 (possibly earlier if you do all take this advice), but you and me? We’ll be OK! And that’s all that matters, right?


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