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  • A Shag a Day May Keep the Doctor Away

    “Doctor, I think I have high blood pressure.”


    “Hmmm – can I suggest a regular shag and a bar of chocolate?”


    It’s a win-win-WIN scenario. Not only are sex and chocolate fan-bloody-tastic, but there are serious benefits to the body as well.


    Cocoa beans aid production of nitric oxide, which stimulates the blood vessels to dilate, and in doing so, can help lower your blood pressure (in the short term).


    On the sex side, a recent study found that diastolic blood pressure is lower for people who live together and have sex often.


    Why this is a win-win-WIN situation? There are the obvious benefits of eating chocolate and engaging in sex all in the name of ‘it’s good for my health’ – but by lowering your blood pressure, it allows the blood to flow freely to the places you really want it to flow to when having sex. WIN!


    On another matter, I did read that women who perform oral sex and swallow are at a lower risk of developing preeclampsia – I think this might have been written by a bloke with a pregnant wife with high levels of optimism and bullshit in equal measures!

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  • summer says:

    Well I very much enjoyed reading this, as sadly do suffer from high blood pressure, just cant tell you how happy I am that I’m not pregnant, nor am I any chance of getting pregnant any time soon, therefore have no risk of preeclampsia… thus the follow on, not at risk at having to perform oral any time soon… dear god, thank the lord for small mercys!!!!! As surely it goes without saying, that if its good for you when pregnant… certainly can’t be healthy for you when you are not… will take the advice of increasing chocolate consumption and possibly be on the recieving end for the oral…. great idea all around really…win win…. thanks a mill

    • goddessyogi says:

      Summer – I can’t tell you how pleased I am that you are not pregnant and not suffering from pre-eclampsia and thus do not need to trial the old ‘giving head will help darling’ bullshit. However, I have heard that men who give head while not expecting a return favour will be blessed with a lovely dinner and their slippers warming by the fire on return from a hard day in the office!

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