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  • Chocolate Pizza

    Chocolate Pizza

    It’s Friday night, and you and your loved one are going to stay in and play footsies in front of the fire – what’s the only thing that could possibly add to your enjoyment? Chocolate pizza, of course!


    I have included bacon in this recipe, as I think chocolate-coated bacon is right up there with the light bulb, the telephone and Australia’s Got Talent for inventions. However, these are nearly as delicious without the bacon. (But go on, give it a try – you only live once!)




    Basic Dough

    680 g plain strong flour (look for a flour that is high in protein)

    20 g cocoa powder

    1 tbsp dried yeast

    1 tbsp salt

    1 tsp sugar

    425 ml tepid water



    120 g sugar cane molasses

    90 g cocoa powder

    100 g butter

    ¾ cup whipping cream (use the extra ¼ cup for spreading over your partner’s body later!)

    4 rashers of bacon

    100 g dark chocolate callets

    100 g milk chocolate callets



    1. Sieve flour and cocoa powder into a bowl. Add sugar, salt and dried yeast, and stir. Add tepid water.

    2. Prepare to get your hands well and truly sticky (with dough!). Mix flour mixture into water until you have a dough ball. (If your mixture is crumbly, add more water; if the mixture is too sticky, add more flour – sometimes life really can be that simple!)

    3. Knead the dough ball for a good 5 minutes till the mixture has a nice smooth look and is springy and elastic. Leave in a bowl in a warm spot covered with oiled cling wrap until doubled in size (or longer if you need). For this recipe you don’t need to knock the dough back down and let it re-rise.

    Note: You can make the dough in the morning before work and leave it to rise all day if you like – otherwise it will need a minimum of 1 hour to rise.

    4. Preheat oven to 220C.

    5. Fry bacon and chop into bite-size pieces.

    6. Take a handful of dough and roll it out to the thickness you like your pizza. (I like it very thin and crispy.) Place in oven (straight onto the rack; you don’t need a tray) for 4 minutes and then take it out. The dough should be easily movable in one piece but not quite cooked.

    7. Add 1/3 of the  molasses onto the dough, and spread out and dot with butter. Add bacon pieces. Place back into oven for about 5 minutes.

    8. Take out the pizza and drizzle with 1/3 of the cream and 1/3 of the chocolate.  Repeat process for the rest of the dough.


    Sit in front of fire, eat with fingers (and toes if you can – photos, please!) and test each other with the 50 Shades of Chocolate sex quiz!




    For more fantastic recipes like this one, try 50 Shades of Chocolate (purchasers outside Europe or America, go here) and Diva’s Guide to Dinner Parties (purchasers outside Europe or America, go here).

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